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NFC West Standings, Week 3: What The Heck Just Happened

What a week of football for the NFC West teams. Three of the four teams managed to make some kind of news, good or bad, during or after their games. To the surprise of, well, no one, much of the uproar was caused by the infamous replacement officials.

Let's start with San Francisco. Just three weeks in to the season, the 49ers were on their way to the Super Bowl. At least that was how many sports pundits were putting it. Then SF ran into Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder. The Niners were 'upset' by the Minnesota Vikings 24-13. The perfect aren't so perfect anymore.

Moving on to Arizona. They're not supposed to be good, right? No one told Kevin Kolb that. Michael Vick's former-backup found his stride at the expense of his old teammates. Leading the Cardinals to a 27-6 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh boy, now to Seattle. Monday Night Football had been lacking excitement for the past few weeks and this Monday looked to be no different, that is, until the very, very end of the game. With four-seconds left, the Seahawks needed a touchdown to beat the Green Bay Packers. Seattle quarterback, rookie Russell Wilson lobbed a Hail Mary down the field in to the arms of Golden Tate ... or did he? Video evidence showed the ball go into the hands of Packer M.D. Jennings, but Tate somehow ended up with the ball on the ground. For reasons unbeknownst to everyone outside of Seattle, the replacement officials gave the catch to Tate and Seattle won the game, 14-12.

The Cardinals sit perched at the top of the NFC West with a blemish-free record of 3-0. In the basement are the St. Louis Rams at 1-2 after a pummeling by Chicago.

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