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49ers Stadium Update: Team Announces SAP As Founding Partner

The San Francisco 49ers have announced SAP AG as a founding partner for the new 49ers stadium that is currently being built in Santa Clara. SAP will be utilized for better knowledge of business software and analytics. As one of the arrangements for the new partnership, the team's new practice facility will now be known as the SAP Training Center. SAP will serve as San Francisco's Business Software, Statistics and Performance Partner to help better organize the 49ers in operational aspects.

SAP will also serve in a digital aspect in utilizing the Internet via tools like, Twitter and Facebook to help better integrate what fans are saying online so they can provide the best possible customer service. Human resources will be better developed to help keep the 49ers operation running as smoothly as ever. SAP's motto is to help companies run better, and it looks like they'll be operating in a similar capacity with the 49ers.

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