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49ers Vs. Vikings: One Step Forward, A Few Steps Back In San Francisco's Loss To Minnesota

The San Francisco 49ers apparently cannot win them all, and on Sunday were far from that team that manhandled the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions the first two weeks of the season in a 24-13 loss at Minnesota Sunday. Says resident Niners blogger David Fucillo on Niners Nation:

The 49ers had their moments where it seemed like they might be able to get back into the game, but for every step forward, we saw the 49ers take three or four steps back.

The 49ers got a wakeup call with this loss to a team it should have beaten. It was odd to see Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder run up the middle on the San Francisco defense and get into the end zone. The 49ers also made offensive mistakes, with quarterback Alex Smith throwing an interception and fumbling away the ball and the offense unable to capitalize on two Vikings fumbles.

When the smoke clears from the weekend, the 49ers will be in second place in the NFC West, and might share it with Seattle.

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