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Week 3 Fantasy Football Recap: Niners Fall Flat, Raiders Put Up Good Numbers

Sunday's results were a huge departure from what was expected, as the Niners were dominated by a gormless Vikings team and the Raiders put up 34 points on a solid Steelers defense, coming back from 10 points down in the fourth quarter to win on a last second field goal. Let's see who helped and hurt your fantasy team this week:

STUD: Carson Palmer. He threw for over 200 yards and three touchdowns with one interception. He was lights-out in the second half and shredded the Steelers secondary with pinpoint accuracy. A showing like this against a top defense instills even more confidence in Palmer going forward.

STUD: Darren McFadden. He opened the Raiders' scoring with a 64 yard off-tackle scamper in the first quarter to answer a Pittsburgh touchdown. He scored another touchdown in the game that was overturned by the replay official. The Raiders were able to open up a few holes for him during the game, and McFadden tallied over 100 yards rushing The offensive line looked cohesive today and that spells good things for McFadden going forward.

STUD: Vernon Davis. He was the only Niner to have a solid fantasy day, tallying 53 receiving yards and a touchdown. He remains the best fantasy tight end in football.

DUD: Niners defense. They could not contain Christian Ponder whatsoever, letting him escape containment and rush for big gains on several occasions. When they got good pressure on him, they blew coverage on the receivers. They recovered two fumbles, but had no sacks or interceptions.

DUD: Frank Gore. He rushed for only 63 yards and lost a fumble. The Vikings defensive line played out of their minds and the Niners were playing from behind all day, not allowing Gore to get his rhythm whatsoever.

DUD: David Akers. He went 2/3 on field goals, and one extra point. If your league penalizes for missed field goals, Akers had a dismal day.

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