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Cal Vs. USC Injury Report: Golden Bears Leave Game Unscathed

The California Golden Bears may have lost to the USC Trojans for the ninth consecutive time on Saturday, but at least they can go home still in tact since no one was seriously injured in the loss.

Google "Cal USC injuries" and nothing but updates on USC injuries will pop up. The Trojans have well-chronicled depth issues so when one of their players goes down, it impacts them more than it would a normal team.

Cal fought. Even after falling behind by 14 points at halftime, they came out and cut it to eight in the third quarter and had the ball on the 14-yard line in an attempt to really put the pressure on a USC team with doubters across the country after last week's loss to Stanford.

Cal couldn't pull it off but they can enter next week with the same assortment of players and try to take something positive from their toughest stretch of the season.

That positive thing is their health.

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