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Cal Vs. USC 2012: Another Year, Another Loss

The California Golden Bears have lost to the USC Trojans in football nine consecutive times. And as California Golden Blogs points out, this latest loss had chances to shift the tide but it wasn't to be.

Down 17-9 in the third quarter, Cal was looking to possibly cut it down to one while on the USC 14-yard line. But Cal quarterback Zach Maynard missed a wide open Bryce Treggs in the end zone and instead, threw an interception as he tried to hit an underneath route. USC had the ball and took all of Cal's possibilities along with it.

A week following a performance against the Ohio State Buckeyes that had Cal fans thinking that maybe they could play with the Trojans, Cal just added to the long history of inevitable events within Cal football.

Like CGB said, it's ‘death, taxes and Cal losing to USC at football'.

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