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USC Vs. Cal Score: Trojans Lead 17-9 After Third Quarter

Entering the third quarter down 14 points, the California Golden Bears have been able to trim the lead in the third quarter and now find themselves down 17-9 to the USC Trojans.

The Golden Bears scored six points in the third quarter, thanks to the leg of kicker Vincenzo D'Amato, while the defense was able to hold the Trojans off of the board completely. In fact, the first two drives for the Golden Bears offense led to points, but the team was unable to come away with any more points in the third quarter.

Also, the Golden Bears offense continued to do the one thing they did extremely well in the first half: control the clock. The team entered halftime with a lead in the time-of-possession battle and improved their lead in the category in the third quarter.

Now the question is, can they continue to limit possessions the potent Trojans offense will receive while also putting up points on the board?

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