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Raiders Vs. Steelers: Playing Field Leveled By Injuries?

The Oakland Raiders will look to pick up their first win of the season during Week 3 as they battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Steelers will be favored in the game, they will be without two of their All-Pro defensive players: Troy Polamalu and James Harrison. Their absence does not mean Oakland will have an easy time on Sunday, but it could at least even the playing field a bit.

Here is what SB Nation's Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride, thinks the Steelers' injuries mean to the Raiders:

Their absence doesn't exactly give the Raiders an advantage but more accurately perhaps gives the Steelers somewhat less of an advantage. But it is just the type of help the Raiders need if they are to have a shot at staying in this game and perhaps coming away with a win.

With Harrison out up the middle and Polamalu not assisting on blitzes, Darren McFadden could be in for a big day out of the backfield. Given the offense's struggles this season, Oakland will take any help they can get.

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