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Ryan Theriot Buys 49ers Hats For His Teammates

Alright, so we do know that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was told that he'd be fined $15,000 if he continued to be seen wearing his San Francisco Giants hat. We also know that Giants manager Bruce Bochy endured the torture of having his enormous head gawked at in order to sport a 49ers hat during a press conference on Monday, in a fantastic show of support and solidarity.


The Giants are taking it one step further. Alex Pavlovic, who has been on top of "Hat Gate" since the very beginning, Tweeted on Tuesday that there is a 49ers hat in every locker in the Giants clubhouse and that "half the players" are wearing them. But he followed it up with some clarification that the hats came from Ryan Theriot, who bought one for every teammate.


Furthermore, Giants players are all signing a Giants hat to send to Alex Smith. On first read, it looked like they were each going to sign one individual hat, which would be awesome, because then Smith would have a new one to don every day, but this is still a pretty cool showing of support. Bay Area teams remain united, it seems. At least in the face of fines/warnings that were ridiculous to begin with.