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Stephen Curry Cleared For Basketball Activities

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has been away from the basketball court for about five months, or he at least hasn't been playing at full capacity. It looks like he's ready to play again.

Curry has struggled with ankle injuries throughout his basketball career, from his college days in Davidson to his current stint in Golden State. His latest ankle injury forced him to miss the last 40 games of the 2011-2012 regular season. Curry also dealt with an ankle surgery that kept him sidelined for most of the offseason, but he started participating in 5-on-5s a few days ago and seems to be back to full strength.

Curry figures to be the starting point guard on an improved Warriors team that has Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson, David Lee and Harrison Barnes leading things off. They just need to get Curry in the lineup.

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