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Darren McFadden To Fantasy Owners: 'I Play Real Football'

Let's face it, nobody cares about your fantasy football team. Nobody cares who you added, or who you dropped, or that Chris Johnson is blowing your team's quest for a fantasy championship. Nobody cares about how you just missed picking up so-and-so off the waiver wire, and nobody cares that you lost by a tenth of a point to Melissa from HR who constructed her roster by picking players from teams with birds as mascots and players named Tom.

You know who else doesn't care about your fantasy football team?

Darren McFadden.

Take that, dorks*.

The Oakland Raiders' running back had a message for fantasy owners after he was asked whether his slow start might have them up in arms.

I don't too much care for fantasy football. I play real football.


McFadden's "real football" has been real(ly) bad in the Raiders first two games. The fifth-year back out of Arkansas has amassed a whopping 54 yards, averaged 2.1 yards per carry and has scored zero ... yes, zero touchdowns.

When asked if he was frustrated, McFadden replied:

It's a game. You can't get frustrated. If you get frustrated, you only get down on yourself, so you have to just go out there, and keep grinding, keep pushing forward.

Keep that in mind, fantasy dorks. Don't get down on yourself. Keep grinding. Keep pushing forward.

McFadden owners probably shouldn't hold their breath for a rebound in Week 3. McFadden has rushed for 39 yards on 19 carries in his the Raiders' last two meetings with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

*the author of this post is a Darren McFadden owning dork who probably talk about his fantasy football team too much.

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