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Week 3 NFL Picks And Predictions: 49ers Unanimous Over Vikings

The San Francisco 49ers are 2-0 going through Week 2, and they are significant favorites to beat the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3. The 49ers have looked like the most complete team in football through two weeks, dominating two former playoff teams in the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. The Vikings have gone down to the wire against two of the teams coming out of the lottery in the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts.

Naturally, the Vikings aren't being picked by anyone to beat the 49ers, despite being at home and having one of the better homefield advantages in football. 12 ESPN experts, nine CBS experts (including the Prediction Machine), and four Yahoo Sports experts are all rocking San Francisco this weekend. The 49ers are looking like a potential Super Bowl favorite, and they seem to be a popular pick the rest of the year over any foe they face, particularly one that might look as overmatched as Minnesota.

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