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Dennis Allen: Khalif Barnes, Shawntae Spencer Likely 'Significant Injuries' For Raiders

Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said offensive lineman Khalif Barnes and cornerback Shawntae Spencer have significant injuries and could miss more than a few days of time. Allen said during Tuesday's press conference that the two players' prospects of returning soon don't look likely.

"Shawntae [Spencer] has a sprained foot and Khalif Barnes has a groin [injury]. I think both of those are probably significant injuries. I don't know the exact extent to what those injuries are, but those are two guys that could potentially miss some time."

The absence of both hurts the Raiders at vital positions. Oakland can't seem to keep their defensive backs healthy nor open up holes for running back Darren McFadden along the offensive line.

Allen said the team would take a look at the free agent market at cornerback, where Pat Lee and Joselio Hanson have seen minutes in replacement of Spencer and fellow starter Ron Bartell. The loss of Barnes, an eight-year veteran, on the offensive line hasn't been all that painful with second-year pro Willie Smith stepping in and playing well.

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