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A's Top List Of 'MLB Cost Per Win'

Online Sports Marketing Guy's site lists rankings every Monday called, ‘MLB Cost Per Win By Team'. Basically, OSMG divides the payroll of a baseball team by how many wins they have and voila, you have the rankings.

Guess who is No. 1? Yep, the Oakland Athletics.

At $659,196 per win, the A's are over $100,000 above the next team, the San Diego Padres, as a team that is getting the most for their money. Now, the Padres truly have a low payroll since they aren't having a good season but the A's can be proud that they've been able to stay competitive without the ability to break the bank.

If you take teams like the Boston Red Sox, who are last in the league in cost per win at $2,624,040 or the Philadelphia Phillies, who are just above the Red Sox at $2,390,944, you see that spending money doesn't always equate to wins.

Unless you're the Yankees, of course.

The Yankees are the best team of the group at the bottom of the list but when you spend $197,962,289 on payroll, you're going to be at the bottom of the list no matter what you do during the season just due to the math of it all.

Nevertheless, the A's can be proud that they have found that balance between overpaying for pricey, unproductive players and building through the farm system to stay above water.

Bravo, A's. Bravo.

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