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49ers Vs. Lions: San Francisco Could Have Won By More Than Nine

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions 27-19 Sunday night, but Niners Nation writer David Fucillo contends the win could have been by even more points. Fucillo opines:

In reality the game should never have really been this close. Alex Smith was 20 of 31 for 226 yards, but seven of those incompletions were drops. There will be drops in every game, but there were several ugly drops. They convert a few of those drops and the 49ers potentially win this game by three scores.

With 49ers quarterback Alex Smith bloodied from the bridge of the nose like Y.A. Tittle, the Lions were bludgeoned by the S.F. defense. The 49ers (2-0) look primed to win the NFC West once again, as Smith is efficient and the defense dominates.

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