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Stanford Slays No. 2 USC, 21-14

There is something about Stanford that USC just can't beat. For the past few seasons, it was because of quarterback Andrew Luck. Tonight USC's sloppy play would help a Luck-less Stanford eke out a win over the No. 2 ranked Trojans, 21-14. Thanks to Stanford, USC will no longer be No. 2 when the rankings come out Sunday night.

Josh Nunes had some big cleats to fill taking over at quarterback. Midway through the fourth quarter, the score was tied at 14-14. Stanford needed a touchdown because relying on kicker Jordan Williamson, who had two misses earlier in the game, would be a gamble. In what could be the biggest play of his young career, Nunes completed a 37 yard pass to Zach Ertz for a touchdown. After a made PAT, the score was 21-14 Stanford and that's how it stayed.

The Cardinal proved that Matt Barkley is human. He had two interceptions and threw for zero touchdowns. He wasn't helped by his offensive line either. Barkley was sacked five times.

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