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Cal Vs. Ohio State: Bears Trying To Stay Focused As They Prepare For OSU

Facing the No. 12 team in the country in a stadium that holds more than 100,000 people seems like reason to get excited, but heading into their game with the Buckeyes, California is trying to maintain focus and not get over excited for Saturday's matchup.

Bears' linebacker Robert Mullins said he is keeping his focus on preparing for the Buckeyes rather than getting overly excited about the atmosphere and high profile matchup.

"Hoo-rah never got me a tackle," Mullins said, according to "It never got anyone a tackle. Be excited, be very excited, but understand what's important. What's important is our consistency. It might be a little extra motivation for some guys. I'm self-motivated. It has no influence on my preparation."

Whether or not Mullins and his Cal teammates will be able to temper their enthusiasm and maintain their composure when the whistle blows remains to be seen. If the Bears are able to keep their cool against OSU, it could bode well for their future as Cal will play in a similar environment the following week when they go on the road to face No. 2 USC.

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