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Brian Wilson Rides A Scooter To Work

Ah, Brian Wilson. You may not be pitching these days for the Giants, yet you keep giving back to the fans with your quirky charm and big black beard.

As the team headed to Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks this weekend, a fan caught a snapshot of Wilson riding a scooter to work. Yes, a scooter. Yes, we have the picture for you after the jump.


Photo courtesy of Twitter user @GoldBlartsky.

I'm not really sure where to begin.

Wilson is rocking a hat that appears to have a doll-like face on the front, and of course it's a flat bill. The beard is blowing beautifully in the wind. His shirt is white with purple sleeves because why not? It also appears he has a fanny pack of some kind around his waist. And finally, what good would all this be without some Nike shoes that go halfway up his knee? It's a solid look and one I'm sure we'll see at AT&T Park in the coming weeks.

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