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AFC West Preview, Week 2: Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders Hope To Benefit From Tough Broncos Matchup

The AFC West is going to be interesting this season, if only for the fact that it looks like three decent teams might be coming out of it for the first time in a long time. The San Diego Chargers have dominated the division in recent years, while the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos have continually had pieces that have made folks consider them a team on the rise. When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs, they continue to add young talent that never seems to pan out, but still, good players remain on their roster.

Week 1 saw the Raiders and Chargers go at it while looking slightly unimpressive, but competitive, while the Chiefs were absolutely decimated by Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Sunday night saw Peyton Manning and the Broncos pick up the real big win by besting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, all four teams seem to have it easier this week. San Diego will be taking on Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans, which should be an interesting matchup. It's actually something of a strong measuring stick for the Chargers. Kansas City gets a winnable matchup against the Buffalo Bills, who apparently allowed Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets to score a couple hundred points on them. Oakland, of course, is taking on the Miami Dolphins, which you can read up on in our game stream here.

With the Broncos, they have the Falcons. Atlanta absolutely destroyed the Chiefs in week one, so it could be a tough matchup for Denver. It's debatable at this point as to whether or not the Falcons are an easier matchup, but things will remain tough for the Broncos. For the rest of the teams in the division, it could be a chance to even up the score (or a shot for the Chargers to take the lead in the division). It should be an interesting Week 2.

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