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Madden NFL 13 Roster Update: 49ers, Raiders See Significant Increases

Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season is in the books, which means the first substantial roster update is on its way. Naturally, EA Sports screwed up and had to push it back, but it will be out on Friday, regardless. There's not big jumps for any team in the NFL, but the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders both see changes.

For San Francisco, they find that safety Donte Whitner is dropping a single point from an 88 overall to an 87. Other than that, the rest of the players are all increases, most notably Alex Boone getting into the 70s with a three-point increase. Three members of San Francisco's offensive line went up as they generally fared well against the Green Bay Packers' pass-rush in a 30-22 win.

The Oakland Raiders find themselves with multiple players going up in rating and no decreases. Rolondo McClain is the most significant increase as he's the only player above 73 to go up. He goes up a single point. No players get decreases for the Raiders, though there are some changes to the depth chart. Make the jump for the full 49ers and Raiders ratings changes.

49ers Increases

OL Alex Boone 69 to 72
OL Anthony Davis 77 to 78
OL Jonathan Goodwin 79 to 80
QB Alex Smith 84 to 85
K David Akers 91 to 93

49ers Decreases

S Donte Whitner 88 to 87

49ers Other

LB Parys Harlason placed on IR

Raiders Increases

WR Rod Streater 66 to 67
LB Miles Burris 68 to 69
TE Brandon Myers 71 to 72
LB Rolondo McClain 85 to 86

Raiders Other

CB Shawntae Spencer moved to CB #1 on depth chart
CB Joselio Hanson moved to CB #2 on depth chart
WR Rod Streater moved to WR #3 on depth chart
WR Jacoby Ford lowered on depth chart (injury)
CB Ron Bartell lowered on depth chart (injury)
WR Derek Hagan signs