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Alex Smith Praised By NFL Films' Greg Cosell

After his terrific performance against the Green Bay Packers in week one, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smithhas been getting praise from NFL experts from coast to coast. One such expert is NFL Films producer Greg Cosell, who had nothing but good things to say about Smith on KNBR Thursday morning.

Make the jump to see what Cosell had to say.

"I thought Smith was very, very good on Sunday. He was decisive, he was efficient, I thought they did a terrific job with what I call receiver distribution and location. How they lined up their receivers to create matchups and cause coverage confusion. And Alex Smith took advantage of all those situations beautifully. He was very aware. He played extremely well. But at the end of the day, I don't think this is going to become one of those pass-first teams where they toss it all over the yard."

Much of that success described by Cosell comes from the coaching staff and their terrific game plan they used against Green Bay. But it was up to Smith to execute, and he did so and then some up at Lambeau Field. Now we'll have to see if he can repeat his success against the Detroit Lions this week.

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