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49ers Vs. Lions Betting Lines: San Francisco Favored By A Touchdown

The San Francisco 49ers opened up as seven-point favorites over the Detroit Lions, and that's where the line has stayed ever since. By virtue of their excellent Sunday afternoon performance against the Packers, the Niners have apparently earned a strong measure of respect for putting up perhaps the best performance of Week 1, and are laying a strong touchdown to a Lions team that struggled to win its opening game against St. Louis. Considering how dominant the 49ers defense looked at holding down Green Bay's explosive offense, you have to figure that San Francisco should be able to do the same thing to Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

The 49ers and the Lions played one of the most exciting regular season games last year, as San Francisco went into Detroit and won 25-19. This game was one of the most highly-anticipated contests of the 2012 NFL regular season, although it looks as if the Niners are the team with a clear edge in this contest.

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