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49ers Stadium Update: Team Has Sold $670M In Seats Alone

The San Francisco 49ers broke ground on their brand-new stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. on Apr. 19, and it hasn't taken long for them to starting capitalizing on the project. The 49ers have already sold $670 million in season tickets and luxury boxes.

Despite price increases in the Niners' new digs, many fans are eager to pay for the best seats, according a report from Yahoo! Sports.

A total of 26,520 seats in the upper deck, end zones and corners were sold in three months, the paper said. Most of the remaining seats are of the less-expensive variety.

The club said that since 2011, they have sold nearly three-quarters of their luxury suites, "which can cost as much as a new house,"...

The 49ers are scheduled to begin playing in the new stadium, which is being built with $200 million in help from the NFL, in 2014.

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