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California State Athletic Commission Turns Strikeforce Drug Testing Into Farce

The California Sate Athletic Commission is turning into a parody of itself as the year progresses. The state governing body for Mixed Martial Arts and boxing -- among other things -- bungled the drug testing of the event at last month's card headlined by Ronda Rousey. Details are coming out now which cast the commission in a very unfavorable light indeed.

Tim Burke at Bloody Elbow brings us the long and winding story of the CSAC's drug testing at the latest Strikeforce event, which may as well be set to Benny Hill music.

The long and short of it is that the "random" drug testing for the event resulted in just two drug tests -- for Rousey and her opponent, Sarah Kaufman. Those drug tests were administered by a woman who has experience neither with MMA nor with drug testing of athletes, despite the fact that there were several qualified CSAC inspectors at the event who could have done this instead. There were also chain of custody problems while getting the samples (which came back negative) to the lab.

I think we all know what the solution is: we need to name the Diaz Brothers as the new heads of the CSAC. It would be less laughable at this point than the people currently in charge.

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