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49ers Vs. Lions Preview: San Francisco, Detroit Look To Renew Hostilities

The San Francisco 49ers showed why they're one of the best teams in the league with a win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 1, but have a tough test in Week 2 when Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions come to Candlestick Park. For more on the 49ers, be sure to head on over to Niners Nation, and for the flip-side, check out Pride of Detroit.

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The San Francisco 49ers will play their first game at Candlestick Park of the 2012 NFL Season on Sunday. They'll return to The Bay sporting a 1-0 record following a 30-22 victory over the much-hyped Green Bay Packers on the road. When they do, they'll play host to the Detroit Lions, who also sport a 1-0 record, though it was a less-than impressive win that got them there.

While San Francisco was dominating Green Bay (through most of the game, anyway), the Lions were struggling to get ahead of the St. Louis Rams, who many feel will be at the bottom of the NFC West this season. Oh sure you can chalk it up to being rusty in Week 1, but "rusty" doesn't usually equate to three interceptions. It equates to making a couple poor throws. Matthew Stafford had a lot more than a couple poor throws.

That being said, he did finish with 355 yards against a Rams secondary that is improved with the additions of Janoris Jenkins and Cortland Finnegan. The real poor part of the Lions' game against St. Louis was the Detroit defense. Sam Bradford shouldn't pass for 200 yards and a touchdown on your defense no matter the day.

Last season, Detroit established that they have one of the league's top offenses. But no matter how many scary looking guys they get for that defensive line, the unit as a whole still manages to disappoint. If the 49ers come into Sunday's game looking anywhere near as well-prepared on offense as they did against the Packers, then Detroit is in for a long day.

Stay tuned to this stream for previews and much, much more throughout the week. You can also check out the stream for Week 1 against the Packers, in which we had about 40 updates you can read to get caught up.