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Cal Vs. Ohio State: Golden Bears Face Tough Road Block With Buckeyes

The California Golden Bears face a tough road block this week when they face Ohio State.

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The California Golden Bears have played two very inconsistent weeks of football to start their season, and now they'll try and right the ship in what figures to be one of the toughest games of the season. Cal heads to Columbus to take on 12th ranked Ohio State in an impossible back-to-back road trip (USC looms the week thereafter).

Cal has struggled in almost every aspect of the game. The offensive line has struggled to open holes. The defensive linehas had trouble holding their position. The linebackers have struggled making tackles. The quarterback has missed some passes. The pass rush just doesn't end up sinking the quarterback. And almost everyone on the team seems to have committed a penalty at the worst possible time, killing drives and eating monkeys. The Bears cannot expect to sputter like this in the Horseshoe if they expect to have any chance of winning.

Ohio State has had fewer problems, as Braxton Miller has been busy proving why everyone thought that he was the perfect fit for Urban Meyer's spread-option attack. Ohio State has not stopped running since the start of this season, and they've shown no reason to stop running. Ohio State has piled up 275 rushing yards per game in their first two contests, and Cal will need to find a way to contain the ground if they want to win this one.

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