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Melky Cabrera Contract Extension: Giants Table Talks Until Season's End, According To Report

According to a report from CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, the San Francisco Giants rekindled talks of a contract extension outfield Melky Cabrera, but both sides have agreed to put those talks aside until after season when he will become a free agent.

The Giants are believed to have suggested a three-year deal along the lines of Carlos Quentin's new $27-million, three-year contract, though no official offer was made. Talks will resume after the year.

It was a short conversation, as Cabrera can't dislike testing the waters following a year that seems otherworldly. He had a very nice season with the Royals last year but has stepped up his game from there since the trade to San Francisco for lefthanded pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, who was a bust with the Royals.

Cabrera is having a career year with the Black and Orange, leading the National League with 152 hits and 78 runs, not to mention his impressive batting average of .353 along with 11 home runs and 56 RBI. He was also the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game.

Although this season could mean greener pastures for Cabrera somewhere besides San Francisco, the Giants will likely be willing to put up some cash for the Melkman, whom seems to like it in the Bay, is adored by the fans, and should be in position for playoff contention for the next few seasons at least if he stays.

At least we don't have to worry about the extension talks distracting Cabrera now that they have been shelved for the season.

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