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PGA Championship 2012: Tiger Woods Close To Major Championship Form

At 36-years old, Tiger Woods is still in the prime of his career, even though he may be on the tail end of it. But he'll get another shot at a major title this week at Kiwah Island in South Carolina, eyeing his fifth PGA championship of his career.

But the fact of the matter is no one is going to beleive Tiger can actually reach the all-important record of 19 major titles until he does so, despite the fact he's proven 14-times over that he can get the job done. But when you have 16 major winners over the course of the last 16 majors, you can become a bit weary of Woods winning any of them.

Tiger is the only three-time winner of tour this year, and knows he is very close to putting it together at Kiawah:

"Things have progressed," said Woods,"but still, not winning a major championship doesn't feel very good."

Does he want it as bad as he used to? Of course, that's he he was the first one on scene on Monday morning at Kiawah Island. He played his final 23 holes at Firestone last week without a bogey, a good start heading into this week. Nevertheless, he has to put it together this weekend, not on Wednesday.

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