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Rolando McClain Dogging it at Training Camp

The Oakland Raiders really need some improvement from their franchise middle linebacker, but all signs point to Rolando McClain's career going in the other direction. McClain will be entering his third season with the Raiders, and neither of his first two seasons came anywhere near living up to expectations. On top of his poor play, McClain had some serious off the field issues, and now, it looks like he may not even care if he improves.

On 95.7 The Game's rush hour show, The Drive with Brandon Tierney, Comcast and The Game personality, Chris Townsend told listeners how he saw McClain dogging it in training camp over the weekend. Townsend explained that he was at the Raiders training camp with Comcast and that when he watched the practice, it was clear to him the McClain was flat out not trying. This will come as a major disappointment for Raiders fans who have been hoping that McClain could still turn into the player they thought the Raiders were getting with the number 8 over all pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. If McClain doesn't start getting his act together and really working on his game, we could see him go the way of JaMarcus Russell.