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2012 London Olympics Medal Count: Grenada Wins First Medal In Country's History

The major story of the day was the amazing women's soccer match between the U.S. and Canada. On the medal front, even Alex Morgan's amazing 123rd minute header pales in comparison to the story that James Kirani will tell his grandchildren, as the young speedster won the men's 400-meter, bringing Grenada home its first medal in history.

The U.S. and China both added three medals to stay the same distance since yesterday. The U.S. diversified and added one medal of each color. Matt Emmons kept a high qualifying score to offset his somewhat disappointing final score for a total of 1271.3, good for a bronze in the 50-meter Air Rifle Three Positions. Michael Tinsley took home silver in the men's 400-meter hurdles. Jenn Suhr took home the women's pole vault.

Here are the top five countries so far:

1. China - 64 (31 gold, 19 silver, 14 bronze)

2. United States - 63 (29, 15, 19)

3. Russia - 41 (7, 17, 17)

4. Great Britain - 40 (18, 11, 11)

5. Japan - 29 (2, 12, 15)

Check out's Medal Tracker for a look at every country's medal standing thus far.

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