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2012 Olympics Basketball: Kevin Durant Powers Team U.S.A. Past Argentina 126-97

After barely pushing past Lithuania a couple nights earlier, Kevin Durant put Team U.S.A. on his slender shoulders and powered past Argentina as the U.S. Olympic basketball team ran out of their group as the top seed.

The U.S. was up by only one point at half as the team that prides itself on defense let Argentina shoot 56 percent from the field. Durant went into the crazed scoring mode that makes Kevin Durant so fun to watch, and scored 17 of his 28 points in the third quarter, complementing the team's 42 total points for the quarter as they ran away with the victory.

Durant finished 8 of 10 from the 3-point line and the team was 20-39 overall.

Despite the closeness of the game, it was still the high flying U.S. team for the most part, with Andre Iguodala slamming down a dunk so hard it ricocheted off his body right out of the hoop.



Lebron James scored 20 points to pull within six points of Charles Barkley for third place on the U.S. career Olympic list.

Team U.S.A. (5-0) will play Australia (3-2) in a quarterfinal's game on Wednesday.

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