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Missy Franklin Plans Visit To Cal After The Olympics

It could happen.

As we all sit and watch the London Olympics and stars rise above the others, one name that has put her stamp on this year's games is Missy Franklin.

At 17-years-old, the swimmer has accumulated four gold and one bronze medal, making her the first woman to reach that number of a gold medals in one Olympic games since 1996.

But Franklin is still 17, and she doesn't want to give up her amateur status just yet. College is her next step. And on her short list of schools is none other than Cal.

Franklin has visits already planned for Cal, USC and Georgia and will possibly look at Texas as well. It goes without saying that getting her on campus would be a huge get for any of those schools and it's a good sign that two of the schools are in California which might mean that she's looking to head west from her Colorado home.

"I have always wanted to swim in college," said Franklin during an interview with NBC's Bob Costas. "I love being a part of a team. It is so important to me. A lot of people think of swimming as an individual event but there is such a huge team aspect behind that and just knowing that you have the support of so many people behind you and you know they're here and cheering for you. I think that's so special and I feel like college takes that to a whole ‘nother level."