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Terrell Owens' Middle Name Is Eldorado; Working Out For Someone Monday Or Something

Oh Seattle, you just had to do it, huh?

After signing Braylon Edwards as well as signing (then releasing) Antonio Bryant, the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks have decided to go into the world of the one and only Terrell Eldorado Owens.

Yes, Eldorado Owens will be working out for the Seahawks on Monday.

The former San Francisco 49ers receiver might be 38, but he still looks better physically than most wide receivers and his finances are in such shambles he couldn't afford to waste an opportunity. (Get it? See how ‘afford' was used. Yes, brilliant.)

The once-great Owens will always be news, no matter where in his career he stands. But apparently, he's been humbled to a point of just wanting another chance to showcase his ability in the best league on the planet.

Good luck to him.

If he can contribute, Owens would bring strength and a veteran know-how to the Seahawks. If it doesn't pan out, well, at least now his middle name is worthy of numerous stories and Beyond The Glory fodder.