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Olympics 2012 Medal Count: United States Trails Heading Into Monday

At the beginning of the day on Monday, the United States was a step ahead of China in both total medal count and in gold medals won. As the competition begins on Monday's Day 10, the U.S. has slipped behind in both tallies. They will be hoping that a full day of track and field, gymnastics and many more gold medal events will be favorable to the nation's athletes.

As Monday begins, China has 61 total medals and 30 gold medals. The United States, meanwhile, has 60 total medals and 28 gold. Host country Great Britain has made big strides as track and field has begun, sitting in third place in both total medals and gold medals.

Here are the top five medal totals by country as Monday's events begin.

  1. China: 61 (30 gold, 17 silver, 14 bronze)
  2. United States: 60 (28, 14, 18)
  3. Great Britain: 37 (16, 11, 10)
  4. Russia: 35 (4, 16, 15)
  5. Japan: 27 (2, 12, 13)

For a complete tally of the medals won, use's Medal Tracker.

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