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London 2012 Olympics: Young Team USA Squad Takes Bronze In Men's 4 Rowing Event

Team USA picked up the bronze medal in the men's four rowing event, a good result for a young squad without an international medal to their credit. Great Britain took the gold with a crew that has 14 international medals, including three gold medals from the 2008 Beijing games, and Australia took the silver medal. Scott Gault of Piedmont, California was on the squad, joined by Charlie Cole, Henrik Rummel and Glenn Ochai.

It was the third medal for the U.S. rowing program, and it took everything they had for the four men to hold up with the world class athletes around them. As Gault told the press:

“The guys behind me laid down a powerful rhythm and I just went with it,” he said. “We pounded down the course, didn’t give a stroke up, and stayed focused. I just know the last two hundred and fifty meters, I laid everything on that oar, just everything I possibly could. And right before the end, I had absolutely nothing left,” he said.

It was Gault's only event in the London Games, and the last of the rowing events. All four athletes are free to appreciate the rest of the games as spectators.

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