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Sacramento Kings Looking More Likely To Be Relocated, According To Report

Despite the nonsensical rumor that popped up this past week regarding the potential move by the Sacramento Kings to Virginia Beach, there is apparently a growing sense around the NBA that relocation is just a matter of time.

There was guarded optimism that a new arena plan could be worked out when the NBA and the Maloofs (in concert with Mayor Kevin Johnson) seemed to come to an agreement at the All-Star Break, but the Maloofs made some objections that held up any deal from being made.

Indeed, with the Kings ownership refusing to sell, and the NBA and their owners reluctant to force the team to sell, there seems to be no path forward for the Kings to stay in Sacramento. With the Maloof family digging in, it'll be very hard to see either side coming to an agreement that ensures the Kings stay the Kings. The only hope is the Maloofs come to the table.

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