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Phelps Vs. Cavic Rematch: Chad Le Clos Plays Spoiler In 100 Meter Butterfly

One of the most anticipated swimming races going into these Olympic games was the 100 meter butterfly for multiple reasons. It's been an event Michael Phelps has dominated throughout his Olympic career, winning it in 2004 and 2008 in Olympic record time. Phelps is trying to win the event for the third straight time. He barely won it last time though, as Milorad Cavic gave him a real tough go throughout the race. Although Cavic seemed to touch the wall first, it was Phelps who hit it more forcefully to register the faster time and Olympic gold.

In London, Cavic hasn't been quite as fast in his 100 fly heats though, starting off fast both times before fading to top five finishes each time. Cavic might have trouble medalling while Phelps probably won't have that much of a trouble getting onto the stand; he's had a top time in each heat. The rematch might not quite have the same sizzle as last time.

The swimmer who could knock Phelps from his threepeat is the same swimmer who thwarted his 200 meter butterfly threepeat, and that would be Chad Le Clos of South Africa. Le Clos was the fastest time in both the heats and the semifinals, and he probably has a very good chance at winning this one tonight.

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