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Comcast Specatcor Guarantees 25-Year Lease On Proposed Virginia Beach Stadium

In a meeting with Virginia Beach officials on Tuesday Comcast Spectacor noted their hopes to obtain another professional sports team, while guaranteeing 25 years of lease payments if a new arena were built in Virginia Beach, according to report.

That sports team very well could be the Sacramento Kings, though they were not directly mentioned by name by Comcast Spectacor president Peter Luukko, but he left little doubt in the minds of the Virginia Beach City Council that the Kings are at least one of the teams they are looking into.

"We know where there's opportunity potentially," Luukko said.

Comcast Spectacor already proposed a roughly $350 million, 18,500 seat arena to be placed next to the Virginia Beach Convention Center. They already own the Philadelphia Flyers and the arena in which they share with the 76ers.

The presentation did not discuss how the arena would be financed.

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