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ESPN Predicts Sacramento Kings Will Endure Problems This Season

The Sacramento Kings were named the No. 3 team on ESPN's Team Turmoil list for the upcoming NBA season.

It makes sense. The Kings and the city of Sacramento have had a tough relationship in recent years, putting the current season in flux due to everything outside of basketball being the story. In fact, an arena proposal in Virginia Beach Tuesday could lead to the exit of the Kings from Sacramento altogether.

Not to mention that the team itself doesn't seem like it will make too much progress in the standings of an ever-improving and tough Western Conference. The Kings added Thomas Robinson in the NBA Draft but the former Kansas star struggled during summer league play, which isn't a good sign. The development of the Tyreke Evans-DeMarcus Cousins pairing has shown signs but is still inconsistent.

It could be a long year in Sactown.

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