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Virginia Beach Arena Proposal Set For Tuesday

Executives from Comcast-Spectator seeking to land a professional sports team are expected to make their arena proposal to the Virginia Beach city council this afternoon at 12 p.m. PT. The Sacramento Kings are the team reported to be in Comcast-Spectator's sights.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation's Kings blog, Sactown Royalty, examined how much of a threat the Virgina Beach group poses, and believes there is one thing that puts them a notch below other cities vying for an NBA team:

Virginia Beach does not have a current NBA-ready building. There cannot even be a temporary stay in V.B. right now. It's not tenable. This is unlike Anaheim, Kansas City and, if you want to get really creative, Seattle (KeyArena stands!), Vancouver (GM Place stands!) and Las Vegas (though that'd be inordinately dicey).

If the Virginia Beach city council likes what they hear from Comcast-Spectator and approves their arena proposal, it still will be years before they will be able to host an NBA team. With other relocation-ready options on the table, it seems a long shot that the Kings will end up in Virginia.

For more on the Kings, be sure to visit Sactown Royalty. For all things NBA, head to SB Nation's NBA Hub.