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Jeremy Lin Wears Warriors Throwback Jersey In Taiwan

Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin is overseas in a tour of Asia, which has allowed him to undergo some interesting interactions. He's even met up with one of his old Warriors teammates!

David Lee tweeted out this picture of Lin wearing a familiar uniform.

Lin originally went undrafted in the NBA, but eventually the Golden State Warriors offered him a two-year contract that allowed him to start up in the 2010 regular season. Lin played 29 games and averaged 2.6 points per game. After the lockout, Lin was waived by the Warriors, signed and waived by the Rockets in the preseason, and then the Knicks signed him. The rest is history.

Of course, this photo can only conjure up memories for Warriors fans of what could have been if they had known what they had. Now Lin will start up the next stage of his career with the Rockets.

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