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Warriors Rookie Draymond Green Fastest Rising Player On ESPN's NBA Player Rankings

Golden State Warriors rookie Draymond Green was mentioned as the no. 1 fast-rising player on ESPN's NBA player rankings.

Though only ranked no. 334, ESPN's Tom Haberstroh can see that changing for a rookie who many feel is NBA-ready and should have been a first-round draft pick.

Here's what Haberstroh had to say:

There's a good chance you're looking at the steal of the draft here. Selected early in the second round by the Warriors, Green checks off more NBA prerequisites than most draftees. He can shoot lights out, pass with precision, and play bigger than his 6-foot-7 height. (Green is Michigan State's all-time leading rebounder.) He could be a liability defensively, but that will be compensated somewhat by Andrew Bogut's presence underneath. It wouldn't be a surprise if Green had a Chandler Parsons-type breakout rookie season.

That's high praise for a player already with a chip on his shoulder after where he fell in the draft. Parsons averaged 9.5 points and 4.8 rebounds per game on 45.2% shooting and dropped 23 points and six rebounds in the second to last game of the season against the Miami Heat. If Green can show the promise of Parsons, he could more than make Haberstroh's prediction come true.

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