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The Kings' Jimmer Fredette No. 305 In ESPN's NBA Player Rankings

The Jimmer's glimmer of hope to be a relevant NBA player is dwindling almost as fast as his standing among his peers.

The Sacramento Kings guard was ranked no. 305 out of 500 players in ESPN's NBA Player Rankings, dropping 32 spots from last season's rank (no. 273).

Fredette is only 23 years old, but his future doesn't look promising, particularly in Sacramento.

With the emergence of Isaiah Thomas as the starting point guard and ball-dominant players like DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, there isn't room for Fredette outside of a spot-up jump shooter and he wasn't able to accomplish that during his rookie campaign.

Known as a dead-eye shooter, Fredette shot 36.1% from three and 38.6% overall from the field. Fredette will have to drastically change those numbers if he wants to establish himself as a viable guard off the bench both for the Kings and in the league.

The lure of his magical college run is officially over.

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