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Sacramento Kings, Joe Maloof Deny Virginia Beach Rumors

After it was reported that the Sacramento Kings were possibly relocating to Virginia Beach earlier on Thursday, a team spokeman as well as co-owner Joe Maloof have denied the news that the team is moving to the East coast.

"We haven't talked to Virginia beach," said Maloof.

Eric Rose, a Sacramento Kings spokesman, echoed the same sentiments as well:

"The Kings have been approached by numerous cities interested buying the team and relocating it. We are not going to discuss which cities have approached the team and are not going to comment on every rumor. I can tell you that the Kings are 100 percent focused on putting a winning team on the court," said Rose.

Virginia Beach mayor Will Sessoms noted that Comcast and media company LiveNation asked the city to create a partnership to build the new arena. Sessoms said he was unaware of the original story from the Hampton Roads Business Journal's article, and would not comment on it.

Comcast spokesman Ike Richman said they will have no comment until their meeting with city officials on Tuesday in Virginia Beach.

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