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Jabari Parker Recruiting: No. 1 Basketball Prospect Visits Stanford

Top basketball prospect Jabari Parker from Simeon visited Stanford today. The Cardinal are among Parker's top ten schools.


Jabari Parker is a candidate to be the nation's No. 1 overall recruit for the 2013 recruiting class. Parker has been fairly coy about where he plans on going to school, but many of the big powers are considered among his top contenders.

That doesn't mean that Parker hasn't tread a bit off the beaten path to find other suitors. Perhaps the most surprising name to make the cut for Jabari is the Stanford Cardinal. Even better news was that he took a visit to campus earlier today.

Parker has mentioned Stanford as one of his final ten schools, and has talked about narrowing it down to a top five. This has to be encouraging news for the Cardinal. Other schools in consideration for his top five include Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Florida, Georgetown, BYU and DePaul.

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