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Olympic Swimming Results: Michael Phelps Bests Milorad Cavic Again In 100 Meter Butterfly Heat

Deja vu all over again.

Just like four years ago in the Beijing final, Michael Phelps and Milorad Cavic were slated up against each other in the London heat (lesser stakes, but still). Phelps was in lane four, Cavic was in lane five, and both seemed ready to go for the much anticipated rematch.

At least Cavic was at the beginning. Phelps proved he had something to give too though.

Cavic got off to a smoking start in the 100 meter butterfly and was in front of the field for almost the entire race. Meanwhile, Michael Phelps at points seemed to be in danger of not even making the cut, as he was in last place at the 50 meter split. However, Phelps ended up turning it on in the last 50 like he always does in the 100 fly, and he began working his way up on the rest of the field and take control of his event. Phelps past Cavic with a few meters left and went from last to first in 50 meters in his heat, finishing with a time of 51.72, Cavic 51.90 seconds.

However, Phelps and Cavic might not have to worry about each other in terms of primary contenders. It was 200 meter butterfly winner Chad le Clos who had the top heat time, with Phelps second and Cavic fifth.

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