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Jeremy Lin Video Highlights: Linsanity Returns To The Basketball Court

Jeremy Lin is back and playing basketball, which should be happy news for all of us. He's moving onto a new team in the Houston Rockets and probably a team that will have more difficulty succeeding like the New York Knicks did, but there's a good chance he'll be the starting point guard.

There has been a decent amount of questioning as to how good he'll be when he gets back to the basketball court after healing from a meniscus injury that ended his season. If this leaked video is any indication, he should be just fine.

Lin tends to stay in the Bay Area during the offseason and work out with local rec leagues. Here he was in action with some of his buddies from Palo Alto High School.

Now obviously this is just your average rec league game and he's not exactly playing against Deron Williams or Chris Paul. However, you can see that all the elements that made Linsanity's first incarnation so successful are in play here. Lin is driving to the basket, get pasts perimeter defenders with ease, plays some decent defense, and runs a solid fast break. The point guard skills looked a bit rustier (some of Lin's dimes looked a bit off target), but it's clear the passing gene still runs strong in him.

Most importantly, it's clear he's the best basketball player on the court. He's probably not going to enjoy that advantage so much back in the NBA, but it's clear that Lin is starting to feel his game again.

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