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Cal Football: Could They Surprise In 2012? SB Nation Studios Thinks So

The California Golden Bears have been a disappointment on the field lately, or at the very least they haven't really been thought of that much. The last time they were in the top ten was 2009, when they were summarily whipped by Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks in one of the most stunning beatdowns you'll ever see (not so stunning in retrospect considering the success of Oregon since then). Cal has kind of toiled in obscurity in the college football landscape since then, managing three season around, above, and below the .500 mark.

Could this be a year they're set to surprise? It appears there are factors working in their favor.

View the full video from Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation Studios after the jump.

Indeed, a strong run game and top-notch talents at the skill positions could help out the Bears greatly, as well as what should be one of the top defenses in the conference. The issues will again be at quarterback and offensive line and whether they can keep the offense functional.

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