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Cal Football: Golden Bears Return To Memorial Stadium

The California Golden Bears return to Memorial Stadium after a long absence. Are they ready to handle the pressure?

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The California Golden Bears have been out of this stadium for 20 long months, but now the wait is over. Cal football is returning home to the stadium they've played in for nearly a century.

The Bears put together their first full practice of the year at the newly renovated Memorial Stadium. The stadium had begun to show its age the last decade or two, and reconstruction was definitely needed to modernize the current amenities. But now Cal is back and practicing just two weeks before the start of the new season.

Part of the renovation includes a new turf, and Cal running back Isi Sofele is a fan of what appears to be a fast track.

The stadium will not be entirely finished by Opening Day. Even Cal head coach Jeff Tedford admits that the team cannot practice in full here. However, everything that's needed for the facility to be done should be complete in time for the unveiling.

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