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Giants Facing Limited Options Following Melky Cabrera Suspension

The San Francisco Giants were delivered a tough blow this week when they learned of a positive PED test from Melky Cabrera. The club is now without their leading hitter and corner outfielder, leaving a huge hole in their lineup. With the July 31 trade deadline passed and all deals required to pass through waivers first, the Giants are facing limited options.

As Ken Rosenthal notes in his latest column, a player such as Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs could be a fit, but his no-trade clause could block any deal to San Francisco.

Scott Hairston of the Mets or Juan Pierre of the Phillies would be a fit, but it would be just about impossible to get either player through waivers. A team such as the Diamondbacks or Cardinals would almost surely block any deal as they battle the Giants for a playoff spot.

There really aren't any in-house options to replace Melky in the outfield. Moving Brandon Belt to left field and finding a new first baseman does not seem like a viable option, either.

Simply put, the positive test from Cabrera really put the Giants into a bind. And with no real options out there on the trade market, they're going to have to finish out the 2012 season with their current crop of players.

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